N'ever Rest Cemetery & Haunted House

43848 Elm Avenue
Lancaster, CA 93534

never-rest-haunted-house2018 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced, usually October 30-31, 6:30-10pm

N'everest Cemetery and Haunted House is a Halloween home haunt consisting of a yard display and walk-through that includes a wide variety of spooky sets and costumes, invoking a pleasant feeling of Halloween nostalgia. The decorations in front are more than many home haunts offer - enough to keep you entertained during your wait in the short line. There is also a monitor for guests waiting in line to behold the fate of current victims inside the haunted house. The twists and turns of the walk-through's sets provide monsters with plenty of hiding place to scare you from unexpected angles, starting in a cemetery and moving into hallways dripping with foreboding.

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