The Farm Home Haunt

1252 Norton Avenue
Glendale, CA 91202

Jack O'Lantern in the yard (photo by Steve Biodrowski)

Halloween 2017 Date: Saturday, October 28 at 7pm

This Halloween home haunt offers a display in the yard and a short walk-through in the garage. As the name suggests, The Farm features a farming theme, with Jack O'Lanterns and skeletons perched among straw and bales of hay. A wooden fence hides the suburban home behind it, while cornstalks and menacing figures (which could be taken for scarecrows) stand out front. A very impressive facade (topped by a quite threatening skeletal figure, poised as if reaching down toward you) transforms the garage into a haunted barn.

The walk through the barn is short but with some nice props and effects. During our first visit (in Halloween 2016), a rather diminutive skeleton guided us through, making sure we fully observed all the grim details, including one or two motion-sensitive gags.

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