The Perdition Home Yard Haunt

Perdition Home Logo Horizontal5181 Manor View Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

2017 Date & Hours: To Be Announced but definitely in the works.

The self-proclaimed “Goriest Home Haunt in Orange County” returns to full size after cutting back to only short walk-through for Halloween 2016 (some of the talent invested their energy in a nearby pro haunt, Pumpkin Patch Haunt: The Flesh Yard, which had made a very nice debut in 2015). the Halloween 2017 theme is "Brujos."

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Perdition Home History

With its ghastly and gory walk-through, Perdition Home appealed to fans of hard-core Halloween horror. Its tone and intensity was somewhat along the lines of the Backwoods Maze in Burbank - it was filled with eviscerated bodies and electric firecrackers for a jolting effect. However, Perdition Home had much more going for it than gore; it was an elaborate home haunt, featuring impressive sets and more than a few surprises along its walk-through: such as the crashed spaceship for 2015's theme, Necro Space.

Perdition Home is free but accepts donations to defray costs. If you pay to visit The Flesh Yard on Halloween Night, you might as well swing by to see what's left of the original haunt.