Van Oaks Cemetery Yard Haunt

Van Oaks Cemetery 2017 Copyright 2017 Yuki Tanaka


5822 Norwich Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

2018 Dates: Octpber 19-31. Typically, decorations are up by mid-October, with full lighting and effects the last week of the month.

Hours:  6-10:30pm

Van Oaks Cemetery Halloween Yard Haunt Overview

This nifty little Halloween yard haunt, which started in 2011, eschews crude shocks; you will see neither blood nor chainsaw, only atmosphere. The display consists of tombs, static skeletons, ominous but subtle music, and a couple of nice effects, including a phantom figure that periodically passes through a front window – pretty impressive for an amateur effort.

The Van Oaks Cemetery may be a a little too low-key to warrant a long journey all on its own, but if you reside nearby or happen to be in the area, a visit is definitely in order. Make sure to keep an eye on the haunted window - one of the best spectral manifestations you will see at any Halloween attraction, amateur or professional.

Note: A couple blocks west of Norwich Avenue, on the corner of Hatteras Street, there is a home haunt at the address 5758 Burnet Avenue. After visiting Van Oaks Cemetery, it is worth your time to swing by this one. Slight farther away and to the east, on Saloma Avenue north of Martha Street, is the Spooky Saloma Block Party, a series of about half-a-dozen home haunts, also worth checking out. See photos of these haunts in Halloween Home Haunt Odyssey 2017: Sherman Oaks Scares.

Van Oaks Cemetery Halloween Yard Haunt Photo Gallery