Alone: An Existential Haunting

Address to be announced

2017 Date: To Be Announced, if any.

The official website no longer offers information on Alone events; it has been converted to look like an old computer requiring command prompts, which are available on the Alone Facebook page. In exchange for typing in the correct prompt, you get to red an interminable vague story with ambient music in the background.

Those interested in attending actual live events must joint the "insider" list at the Facebook page. The undisclosed location will be revealed to those who purchase tickets.

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The Alone Experience debuted in 2013 as "Alone: An Existential Haunting," offering a 30-minute walk-through experience, which each visitor had to accomplish on his own, with only a flashlight. The experience - described as one part interactive theatre and one part psychological haunting - sounded similar to the Blackout Haunted House: visitors filled out a waiver and then followed the instructions given inside the haunt; refusal to comply would result in removal, without a refund.

Alone is an 18-and-over event (bring photo i.d.). Wear comfortable shoes, and clothes you are not afraid to get dirty.

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