Coffin Creek Halloween Attraction

Coffin Creek logoCrossroads Riverview Park
14600 Baron Drive (formerly River Road)
Corona, CA 92880

2016 Dates: October 14-16, 21-23, 27-31

Hours: 7:30pm to midnight on Fridays & Saturdays; 7:30-10pm on Thursday, Sundays, and Halloween Night.

2016 Attractions: The Haunted Asylum of Coffin Creek, The Catacombs of Guasti Cemetery, the Prado Witch Trail

Tickets: $13 for a single maze, $25 for all three, and $40 for fast-pass admission to all three.

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This multi-faceted Halloween attraction in Corona is quite a distance from Los Angeles, but it is worth the drive. Though not as elaborate as the big Halloween theme parks, Coffin Creek Haunted Village offers great variety of haunted attractions, usually five, including a hayride and several walk-throughs. The attractions at Crossroads Haunted Village are independently owned and operated, so they vary quite a bit in tone and style. Also, the isolated, rural area adds its own level of atmosphere.

There are vendors at the Dark Shadow Market Place and the Pandemonium Magic Show.

Dates and times are subject to change without notice. Although the different owners cooperate and coordinate schedules, they do not always operate on the exact same dates and hours, so check ahead before driving to Corona.

Coffin Creek Haunted Village is not recommended for children under 12.

Note About the Name:

The Haunted Asylum at Coffin Creek (previously known as Coffin Creek Manor or, more simply, Coffin Creek) predates the other attractions at this location. This can lead to confusion: even though all the attractions are independently owned and operated, “Coffin Creek” or “Coffin Creek Haunted Village” is still used to designate the entire event. For a few year around 2013, there was an attempt to rebrand the event as Crossroads Haunted Village; there was even a separate website (now defunct). After going on hiatus for Halloween 2015, the haunt returned, once again under the Coffin Creek moniker.

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