Boney Island Yard Haunt

Boney Island Yard HauntBoney Island Yard Haunt barker
4602 Morse Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91432

2017 Dates: October 21-31


  • 6-9pm Sunday-Thursday
  • 6-10pm Friday-Saturday

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Boney Island Yard Haunt Overview

The Boney Island Yard Haunt is definitely yard haunt – as opposed to a haunted house – with decorations and displays, silly sight gags, and humorous antics filling the area in front of, around, and on top of the house. There are no actors in costumes, only mechanized props, plastic skeletons, special effects, and recorded voices telling (bad but funny) jokes. There is very little that is actually scary (nor does it try to be). The colors and carnival music are calculated for to create a fanciful, almost Tim Burton-esque atmosphere, making this the perfect place to bring young children who might be intimidated by more adult-type haunts. That's not to say the appeal is solely to children - the outrageously goofy displays are guaranteed to provide laughs for adults, too.'

Boney Island Yard Haunt History

Beginning in 1997, this unique amateur yard haunt entertained trick-or-treaters for ten years, earning a reputations as one of the best family-oriented Halloween events in Los Angeles. Billing itself as the "world's only skeleton carnival," Boney Island offered a Halloween version of a Coney Island-type entertainment attraction - populated entirely by skinless skeletons! The special mechanical effects (mostly wires pulled by motors) were proudly low-tech, but that detracted from the enterainment value not one boney little bit. You could laugh as the skeletons fished in the "Trick or Trout" booth! Thrill as they swung clubs at flapping flying mammals in the "Batting Cage"! Or gag at the "Rotten Candy" machine filled with spiders!

Halloween 2007 marked the 10th and last year of Boney Island in its original form. Many of the old props were auctioned off; some of them showed up at a new home in Van Nuys. Although was nice to see a portion of the fabulous yard haunt live on, the new location was a pale shadow of the old - more a skeleton party than a skeleton carnival. If you lived in the area, it might have been worth walking by for a look, but we would not recommend making a special trip.

Fortunately, after a three-year hiatus, Rick Polizzi (a producer of THE SIMPSONS) resurrected a new version of Boney Island in 2011. For this incarnation, Boney Island was re-imagined as a "Halloween Magic Show," featuring spooky prestidigitatosr Maestro Maxilla and the Conjuring Clavicle. The highlight was a colorfully lit water-fountain show, set to music.

Boney Island Yard Haunt Photo Gallery
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