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Halloween Horror at Speed Zone – City of Industry, CA


Speed Zone tries it’s hand at Halloween for the first time.   Locals are aware that Speed Zone is the place for you to get a rush behind a go-kart or to simply enjoy redemption games and mini-golfing.  They expanded their list of activities this season with their Halloween Horror event which consists of daytime and nighttime options.

We opted for the Terror by Night version naturally. Guests get 3 hours of unlimited attractions for $24.99 (annual passholders are free), which includes: variours racing attractions, mini golf, the 3 scare zones and access to a Halloween themed bar at the Midway Mayhem scare zone. The Scare Zone’s entrance can be accessed through the parking lot, or to the left of the Speed Zone main entrance.


The first scare zone we encounter brings you into a midway carnival area where clowns of all shapes, sizes, and designs approach and surround you. Some even lead you to the arcade booths so you can try your luck with their midway games. But before you actually get the play anything, a killer clown pops up from behind the stand and scares you away.



This scare zone starts after you exit Midway Mayhem. We appraoched a dark corridor with heavy fog complemeted with a couple of nice TNT boxes and a mineshaft. Miners pop up to scare you away since you are in their territory.



The zombie scare zone is home to the walking dead roaming around a set with cars left behind with toxic bins present; which may suggest a toxic spill resulted in this outbreak. Much like the Midway Mayhem scare zone, a good handful of zombies approached and surrounded us including a zombie slider. After you brave this scare zone, you are free to roam the unofficial “safe” zone where the mini golf course is located at.



Though there is a lot of room for improvements since it is their first Halloween event; it is definitely worth it if you are fan hitting the race track or doing mini-golfing. It is for 3 hours of unlimited play. To get to the track attractions and mini-golfing; you’ll have to first purchase a ticket a Speed Zone, then get through the Scare Zone, then finally the “Safe” Zones which the scare actors have been spotted near the non-Halloween attractions a couple times. It would be nice to see them next year with a full on haunt. Though the outdoor area is not as big as something like that of a Castle Park, we felt the space can be utilized to include both a scare zone and a few mazes. Perhaps VR is a possibility if space is an issue!


The schedule and activities for their Daytime Halloween festivities is as follows:

Treats by Day:

Saturdays & Sundays 9/29-10/28, 1:00 to 3:00pm

More kid-friendly activities include:

  • Hay maze
  • Trick-or-Treat Trail
  • Crafts & Games
  • & More!

The nighttime activities are billed as:

Terror by Night:

Fridays & Saturdays 9/28-10/27, 9:00pm to 12:00am

Scare Zones include:

  • Boom Town
  • Midway Mayhem
  • Zombie Zone

For more information: http://www.speedzone.com/la/halloweenhorror



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