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Halloween Horror Nights on the Cinefantastique Ultra-Lounge Podcast

Last week – during my other gig, as managing editor of Cinefantastique Online – I participated in an episode of the CFQ Black Hole Ultra-Lounge Podcast, in which host Dan Persons asked me about my experiences at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Although I hit some of the same points made in my review of the haunt’s opening night, I thought it might be fun to include the podcast here, for the benefit of those who prefer the spoken word over the written word.

Just a word of explanation: The Black Hole Ultra-Lounge Podcast is a sort of informal spin-off of the weekly Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast; the two are recorded one after the other, so there may be a reference or two in the Ultra-Lounge that will not make sense to those who have not heard the Spotlight. In case you are curious, you can find that podcast here.

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