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Halloween Horror Nights over-crowded?

We have heard a couple of disheartening reports about over-crowding at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Sure, if one delays one’s visit until this late in the season, waiting in line behind large numbers of people is inevitable. Nevertheless, it is disturbing to hear from people who paid their money, got in on sold-out nights, and were unable to see more than a couple of the haunt’s attractions.

Yes, you could opt for a VIP fast pass, but that should be a luxury, not a necessity. We feel that, when you purchase your ticket, you are paying for a chance to enjoy all the attractions available; this has been the standard model for decades, ever since Six Flags Magic Mountain set the precedent for single-price admission including unlimited access to all the park’s rides.

You should not have to pay full admission, only to enjoy half – or less than half – of the mazes and shows at Halloween Horror Nights. Universal Studios Hollywood should seriously consider limiting the number of tickets it sells. This is especially true because customers are urged to purchase tickets early: you could buy a ticket for an evening long before it sells out, only to arrive and find that you paid your money for a chance to wait in line for hours.

I know Universal wants to make money on this – and they should – but they also should make an effort to see that their customers get their money’s worth – and this includes customers who cannot afford the extra expense for VIP tickets.

In any case, we always recommend hitting the major theme park Halloween haunts early in the season, before the crowds grow unbearable. If you already have tickets for any of the next few nights, we hope your experience is better than those we have heard. Drop us a line and let us know.