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Halloween Horror Updates

With the Halloween weekend upon us, I have been busy updating the Hollywood Gothique website, making sure all the information you need about your favorite Halloween Haunts is easily at your fingertips. Much of this is simple re-organization, but there is some new information, too.

The  rather vaguely titled “Other Halloween Haunts” page has morphed into Halloween Parties & Street Fairs, which you can access here. The previous version of the page was a bit of a jumble, including harvest festivals, plays, and other activities more family-friendly, which didn’t sit well on a page mostly occupied by adult parties.

Siphoned off like blood from a vampire’s victim, these harvest festivals and other kid-safe events have been moved to the page containing Halloween Haunts for Children. Several new events have been added to this page, such as the Old Town Pasadena Halloween Celebration and the Safe Haven Trick-or-Treating at Heritage Square Museum.

Also dissected from Other Halloween Haunts, cemetery tours and spooky performances now have a brand new page all their own, titled Halloween Tours & Performances. The combination may sound odd, but events like Haunted Midnights at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood combine elements of performance and tour; also, Wicked Lit’s Halloween Theatre Festival stages its plays in an actual cemetery, turning the experience into something very like a night-time cemetery tour. Also in this page, you will find similar events such as the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt and the Heritage Square Halloween and Mourning Tour; the later, unfortunately, took place only last weekend, but the Scavenger Hunt continues this Friday and Saturday.

Finally, the Halloween Yard Haunts page has been updated with a few new entries: Adenmoor Manor, Hanover Hall, and Crestfallen Cemetery. This should please those desperate souls who have written in, hoping for some new home haunts to manifest this year. Expect one or two more to appear on this page before Halloween night, depending on confirmation of crucial details. (Hint: If you want Hollywood Gothique to list your home haunt, we need to know under what name to list it.)