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Despite the economic recession, American are spending more than ever on Halloween, according to this article. The Business Journal follows up with an article predicting a boost in Halloween spending because more people say they intend to celebrate this year. Cincinnati.com comes to similar conclusions here.

The Salt Lake Tribune interviews some local retailers who say that Halloween is the second biggest holiday for decorations (after Christmas). One interesting point is that, for Halloween enthusiasts, price doesn’t matter; they will eagerly buy up expensive items, whereas Christmas shoppers are more economical.

Here is a common-sense list of Halloween safety tips for you and your kids.

Here are some easy ideas for an inexpensive Halloween party. Along the same lines, here are some inexpensive costume ideas.

APR.com offers some advice to parents for dealing with Halloween candy. This is not one of those “scare” articles about razor blades in apples (which is pretty much urban legend) but  some pratical guidelines for avoiding tooth decay from all that sugar (e.g., allow kids to eat a piece of candy after dinner for dessert instead of between meals).

Church in Northhampton launched a crusade to commemorate heroes rather than ghosts and ghouls on Halloween.