Halloween & The Fog

Title: Halloween & The Fog
Location: Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA
Description: HALLOWEEN, 1978, 91 min. Dir. John Carpenter. Jamie Lee Curtis (in her first major role) stars as the resilient Laurie, who’s aware that evil stalks the shady streets and living rooms of her small town, in the form of escaped psychopath Michael Myers.

THE FOG, 1980, Stuart Lisell, 91 min. Dir. John Carpenter. There’s atmosphere to burn in this spooky saga of bloodthirsty ghost pirates vengefully returning to decimate a sleepy California coastal town on the 100th anniversary of their shipwreck. Adrienne Barbeau is the spunky DJ sounding the alarm from her lighthouse-based radio station while the undead use the title mist as cover in their gory siege. With Jamie Lee Curtis.
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-10-15

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