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Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey 2019: San Gabriel Valley

East of the San Fernando Valley, where most the Halloween action is, lies the San Gabriel Valley. Once upon a time, back in the late 90s and early 2000s, San Gabriel saw its fare share of yard haunts. However, it seemed as if 9/11 changed all that. There have been fewer trick-or-treaters on the streets on Halloween night and even fewer decorations. But over the course of the past two seasons, we’ve seen a steady resurgence of Halloween home haunts in the area. Included here are four fine examples.

San Gabriel Valley 2019 Yard Haunts: Spiral Hill Cemetery
8303 Doris Ave, San Gabriel 91775
Open ‘till Halloween Night 7-10PM
San Gabriel Valley Yard Haunt: Spiral Hill Cemetery
Spiral Hill Cemetery

Spiral Hill Cemetery has the most elaborate display in the city of San Gabriel, at least that we know of.  Showcasing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” decor once again, it’s a great place for fans of the movie to come and see what it would be like if the movie were real and the characters were life-sized.

San Gabriel Valley 2019 Yard Haunts: Kraken Cove
1030 Manley Drive San Gabriel, CA 91776
Open ‘till Halloween Night 7-10PM
San Gabriel Valley Yard Haunt: Kraken Cove
Kraken Cove

This is the first year for Kraken Cove, a neat front yard display of a pirate ship with dead shipmates sprawled everywhere, along with some treasure – they presumably met their demise after encountering the Kraken. The path features fog lights and animatronics; the music seems to follow you until you reach the candy treasure.

San Gabriel Valley 2019  Yard Haunts: Salem: Escape The Coven
8708 Wendon St, Los Angeles, California 91775
Bonus Night: November 2nd, 7PM -9:30PM.
San Gabriel Valley Yard Haunt: Salem
Salem : Escape the Coven

Twisted Minds Productions does it again with their interactive walk-through experience. The preview at Midsummer Scream was one of the convention’s most memorable mini-mazes. We were expecting an expanded version of the same thing. Boy, were we wrong.

Though the story is a continuation, picking up where it left off in the summertime, this is definitely not an ordinary walk-through. The witch is on the loose in this small town, and you are left with only a candle as your light source. You must find a way out through the fog; otherwise, you will meet your fate with the sisters of the coven…or worse..the Witch.

We really don’t want to say too much. With clever route manipulation that makes you second-guess everything, this is definitely a must-see if you can make it to San Gabriel!

San Gabriel Valley 2019 Yard Haunts: Haunted By Memories Manor
9911 Alesia St El Monte, CA 91733
Open ‘till Halloween Night 7-10PM
San Gabriel Valley Yard Haunts: Haunted by Memories Manor
Haunted by Memories Manor

Haunted By Memories Manor was reduced to only a yard display last season, but it is back in full force this year: not only is the front yard decorated with tons of lights and effects; the backyard has a walk-through maze as well.

Though there was no theme this year (such as Alice in Wonderland from two seasons ago), the beginning of the maze is reminiscent from the old Cornstalkers at Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt. (The owners somehow got a hold of some hay and cornstalks and decided to build from there.) The result provides Halloween fun that can be universally enjoyed by all ages, mixing jump-scares, animatronics, projection effects, and stealth scares to keep you guessing. If you survive to the very end, you shall be rewarded with candy.


As a proud current resident of the San Gabriel Valley, we are very happy to see neighbors keeping the Halloween spirit alive with some spectacular home haunting.



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