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Halloween Odyssey 2020: San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley is on a mission to keep Halloween alive during the Covid-19 pandemic. We don’t always find memorable haunts in this quiet town, but this season we were pleased to encounter some returning favorites as well as some new discoveries.

In fact, there are so many that we were not able to get to all of them before Halloween Night. If possible, we will update this post with descriptions and photos of the “unvisited” haunts listed at bottom.

San Gabriel Valley 2020 Yard Haunts: Arcadia & El Monte

1412 Orland Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006
Nightly until October 31, Dusk – 10 PM

San Gabriel Valley Yard haunts 2020

The house at the end of the cul-de-sac decorates every Halloween season.  For this season, they opted for a few giant inflatables including a Jack O’Lantern, banshee/ghost and a spider as the marquee.  Definitely a fun place to dip in really quick when doing SGV haunts.

Haunted By Memories Manor
9911 Alesia Street, El Monte, CA 91733
October 30-31, 7-10pm

San Gabriel Valley Yard Haunts
Haunted by Memories Manor

This was a pleasant addition to this year’s haunt route.  They said they weren’t going to do anything, but they ended up doing something!  After knowing the proprietors for a few years; we knew they just couldn’t let it go!  Opting for a yard display this year, we thought it was going to be a simple one; but simple it wasn’t.  Though smaller than their previous yard display/walk-through, their 2020 effort still took over basically the whole yard and then some of the driveway.  With holographic ghost videos, witches, and Victorian relics; come take a peek inside this haunted manor.  There’s also a fun inflatable display across the street, also put on by the same owners, call it a bonus!

San Gabriel Valley 2020 Yard Haunts: Monrovia

W Hillcrest Blvd & N Madison Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016
Nightly until October 31, Dusk – 10pm

San Gabriel Valley 2020 home haunts
Skeleton King

No specific addresses, but Madison Avenue has been known to have some elaborate displays.  Though they are scaled back this year, it didn’t stop us from making a trip. We saw probably the best usage of the famous giant skeleton this year. We encountered a yard display where the towering, twelve-foot figure reigned supreme. You could find a little over half a dozen normal skeleton’s impaled on spears around the Skeleton King. This was a very nice find.

San Gabriel Valley 2020 yard haunts

Further up the street, past Cresent, we noticed a house on the left that’s full of inflatables. From unicorns to skeletons to spiders; they have too much for us to name.  This house literally lights up the entire street.  We mean really, you’d have to be blind as a bat to miss this house going up the hill.  We don’t think we’ve ever seen this many inflatables at a residence before.

Lucinda Garcia Park
502 W Olive Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016
Nightly until October 31, Dusk – 10pm

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After getting a tip from a friend that lives locally, we decided to check out this park, which separates two noticeable haunts. The yard display north of this park features a nice mix of monsters, witches, and ghouls that are essential to Halloween.  It’s dark and awesome with much to see.

The house across the park to the south features a Dia De Los Muertos display inspired by CoCo the movie. You can hit one first and walk across the park to hit the other.

Higgins Manor (Minor)
232 E Palm Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016
Nightly until November 3rd , Dusk – 10pm

San Gabriel Valley 2020 yard haunts
Higgins Manor

Master Higgins arises from the shadows, sort of.  The talent behind Higgins Manor felt the need to spread a little Halloween cheer this year.  Therefore, they started off with a few porch decorations.  Then from there, they added a dead body tied to a tree, then a graveyard, then shrunken tribal heads on a tree, then a skeleton, then a skeleton in a coffee; you get the point.  You cannot simply just take the Halloween bug inside a haunter.  This house is easily the brightest house on the block and quite possible in the old town Monrovia area.

San Gabriel Valley 2020  Yard Haunts: San Gabriel

Kraken Cove
1030 Manley Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776
Nightly until November 1, 7-10pm

San Gabriel Valley 2020 yard haunts
Kraken Cove

Hollywood Gothique was able to get an exclusive preview before the actual date.  The proprietors stated that they constantly add to it and they do this as a hobby. Therefore, if you visit late in the season then the display may be even more grand than when we first visited.  The owners re-aged their pirate ship for this season and added a few extras such as a VooDoo queen pirate skeleton.  Lighting and audio effects are audible and visible while you enjoy each piece of treasure sprawled out at Kraken’s Cove.  Ye may thinks ye lucky enough to find a bottle of Kraken rum; but it has all dried up.  If you choose to visit on Halloween night, the pirates of Kraken Cove plan to shoot you….with candies from a canon that is!

Redwater Pass
8708 Wendon Street, San Gabriel, CA 91775
October 29-31, 8-10 PM

San Gabriel Valley yard haunts
Redwater Pass

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in San Gabriel, this yard display easily can fog up the small street.  However, we like that kinda vibe.  At the professionally decorated display, we saw  parts of old west buildings along with some red lighting to simulate “red water”.  We’re sure there is more to the story and it’s developing onto the next haunt.  The yard display also had an old country western soundtrack, which added an eerie feel to it.  The proprietor plans on doing a full-on haunt as soon as they are able to.  To learn more about their story and origins, visit their instagram link above!

San Gabriel Valley 2020  Yard Haunts: West Covina

MacDevitt Manor
2436 W Macdevitt Street, West Covina, CA 91790
October 30-31, 7-10pm

San Gabriel Valley 2020 yard haunts
MacDevitt Manor

Rounding out another first for us, MacDevitt Manor is located in a not-so-densely populated haunt area.  The only thing dense about the area is the fog arising from Mac Devitt Manor.  Not just a yard display; though it may seem like one.  The owner welcomes guests through the cemetery columns which are shaped like the ones from The Haunted Mansion.  As you past through these columns, you can stay left and follow the path until you make a complete “U’ and exit.  Though there are no scare actors, there are enough animatronics and well-timed sensor scares in its place.  Also, we thought the pumpkin tree was pretty cool.


San Gabriel Valley 2020 Yard Haunts: Unvisited Haunts

San Gabriel contains several other home haunts we have not been able to visit, usually because they are open only late in October. Haunt-seekers on their own Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey may want to add these to their itinerary.

FallOut Shelter: LA
1142 N. Alameda Avenue, Azuza
October 31 & November 1, 6-10pm

Gladstone Rode
203 W. Gladstone Street, San Dimas
October 31, 6-9pm

The Haunted Rose
12116 Groveland Avenue, Whittier
October 30-31, 7-11pm

Regnum Silenti
234 Benicia Road, Diamond Bar
October 30-31, November 1, 7-10pm

Spookie Casita
14312 Barrydale Street, La Puente
Nightly until October 31, 7-10pm weekdays, 7-11pm Friday & Saturday

It is great to see that San Gabriel Valley offering Halloween Home Haunts to fill the void between Los Angles County and Orange County, offering a haunt fix for addicts who do not live in the more densely haunted areas.


Media Correspondent, Videographer, Photographer @Hollywood Gothique, Halloween Fanatic.