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Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey 2023: Santa Clarita

Welcome to another installment of Hollywood Gothique’s 2023 Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey, in which we visit Santa Clarita Valley Yard Haunts all over the SCV.  Below is a running list of things we have visited.  Maybe you’ll catch them on Halloween night.

With all of that in mind, please scroll down to view images and information you hopefully have not seen before. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive list of yard haunts in and around Santa Clarita, check out our page devoted to Halloween Home Haunts.



2023 Santa Clarita Valley Yard Haunts: Santa Clarita and Valencia

Wildwood’s Ghostly Saloon
 24133 Cross St, Santa Clarita
Open October 20-21, 27-28, 31, 630-10pm

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Our 2nd visit to this gem of a walk-through.  This year, Wildwood’s Ghost Saloon was full-sized with many actors present.  The maze clearly is an homage to Knott’s ghost town with characters dressed the part and even the same webbing as Scary Farm.  The ambient lighting once you walk up to the property gives you the feeling that you’re in the quiet part of town where everything is closed.  However, after a certain time, the saloon comes alive with guests who are ghosts.

This was our 1st stop once we entered the Santa Clarita Valley.  We’ll list the haunts we visited in order below so you can try the same trek.

Clown Town Valencia
25302 Vía Palacio, Santa Clarita
Open 2nd Half Of October, 7-10PM

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We missed this gem last year.  We were really glad to find out that there was still a display going on.  Unable to find it listed anywhere, we decided to swing by for old time’s sake and we ended up being pleasantly surprise.  It was nice to see color again on Via Palacio.

A few years ago, the neighboring house started joining the party and had a clown themed yard display.  We see now that the neighbor still decorates, though it isn’t a clown theme; the display is still elaborate and worthy of a look.  See below.

Via Palacia & Via Barra, Santa Clarita
Open 2nd Half Of October, 7-10PM

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This yard haunt displays their great usage of mannequins.  For a year that seems to be ruled by skeletons both large and small; it was nice to see someone use something else or some other type of body for a change.  We also really liked how they sacrificed a real Jeep for this display.

This is the direct neighbor to Clown Town, you can park across the street and hit both these yard displays easily.

Witch City Haunt 
25420 Vía Jardin, Santa Clarita
Open September 1 – November 1, 7-11PM

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Witch City features a packed display of witches, horror icons and other scary figures of Halloween.  Though we noticed many store bought items; it is displayed well and done with quite a bit of detail.  Witch City also seems to add new things each year, so we don’t mind stopping here for a few minutes to enjoy what they brewed for the season.

The street looks like it’s a dead end so parking could be tight here.  Definitely worth a stop if you could make it.

Sombras Cemetery
26041 Sombras Ct, Santa Clarita
Open October 13-14, 20-21, 27-28, 31, 7-10PM

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Sombras Cemetery is still one of our favorite cemetery haunts.  Definitely our favorite in the SCV.  With trigger effects, sensors and great lighting; the display can give off a spooky feel depending on your age.  With so much detail, we really wouldn’t know if something wasn’t working or if it’s broken.

Sombras is generally a must-stop on our list whenever we head North.  It’s not a far drive from The Dollhouse, which is mentioned right below this.

The Dollhouse
27337 Denoya Dr, Santa Clarita, CA
Open 2nd Half Of October, 7-10PM

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The Dollhouse once again keeps it creepy with an endless supply of dolls.  Some of these dolls look creepy and some looked tortured and are ready to return the favor.  It’s a unique display each season so you can be sure you’ll see something new next year.  They also do a holiday one, for those that love Christmas but also has Halloween withdrawals.

This is a worth a stop if you have the time.  The area seemed quiet so parking should be plentiful.

Pumpkin Hallow Haunt
22702 Pear Ct, Santa Clarita
Open October 1 – November 1, 6-10PM

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Pumpkin Hallow Haunt is back for it’s sophomore year.  Every Halloween, it’s kind of tradition for us to hit at least one pumpkin display such as Pumpkin Hallow Haunt.  With so many pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns, it almost feels as if we were walking through a Pumpkin Trail of carved pumpkins ie Carved, Magic Of The Jack O’ Lanterns or Nights of the Jack.  Every available space on the property was used for this haunt and because of that; it just oozes out Halloween time.

Though a yard display, there was a scare actor when we went.  This would be a good place to stop for about 10 minutes to see everything that moves and is interactive.  The next few haunts are all super close to one another.

Halloween On Agajanian: Disenchanted Forest
28540 Agajanian Dr, Santa Clarita
Open 2nd Half Of October , 7-10PM

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This is the haunt that keeps on surprising us.  Each year, it’s a new elaborate theme and display.  The haunt now has a Wendigo and some kind of Bog Witch perhaps standing in the doorway.  From a swamp display last season to a forest one with water features; Halloween On Agajanian has got to be the most elaborate display in all of the SCV.

This haunt is on the way to the below 3 if you’re going up on Agajanian drive to get to PHJJ.  There are also several houses that are decorated along the way.

Gabrial Pl & Redwood Canyon Pl
Open 2nd Half Of October , 7-10PM

On the street right behind Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House, this house featured a Stranger Things theme last year along with PJHH and a neighbor across the street.  This season, they opted for Mars Attacks.  That’s something we don’t see everyday, especially by building a fake white house and monument.

Since the below 2 haunts are all walking distance, we generally park here and look at this display to walk to the ones below.

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Santa Poco
Redwood Canyon Pl & Natalie Ln
Open 2nd Half Of October , 7-10PM

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The haunt proprietor has made his display the largest ever.  We’ve seen Santa Poco for a few years now and each year it just grows and grows.  Joking with the owner, we reckoned that it won’t be long before he adds another story to the display.

Diagonally across from Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House, we usually hit this one and take some photos before PJKK for the grand finale.

Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House Presents Backwoods Cabin
Natalie Ln & Redwood Canyon Pl
Open Halloween Night Only, 7-11:30PM

Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House was late to announce their annual haunt; a lot were wondering if they were going to do something.  Then, an announcement came on October 6th and boom, they are ready.  We were fortunate enough to get a preview on Saturday the 28th before it officially opens on Halloween Night.  This walk-through is a throwback and homage to the early years of Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House.  With the props being actual usable items; it was impressive to see the creativity and quality that PJHH conjured up in a short span of time.  Though they referred to this as a “mini-haunt”; it’s still right on par length-wise with some home haunts we’ve seen this season.  The story is of an abandoned cabin in the woods where a troubled man lives.  Things can only go one way if you choose to enter.

PJHH has always set a gold standard when it comes to home haunts in our eyes.  Therefore, we typically save this haunt for last.  There are usually elaborate displays nearby and they are easy to find, see the capsule comments above.

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You can find many more Inland Empire yard haunts on the SoCalHaunts list.


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