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Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey 2023: The Inland Empire

Welcome to Hollywood Gothique’s 2023 Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey, in which we visit Inland Empire Yard Haunts. The Yard Haunt Odyssey is an annual feature dating back to 2005.  This page covers home haunts we’ve visited or plan to visited in the I.E. and slightly beyond.

With all of that in mind, please scroll down to view images and information you hopefully have not seen before. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive list of yard haunts in and around the Inland Empire, check out our page devoted to Halloween Home Haunts.

2023 Inland Empire Yard Haunts: Ontario & Rancho Cucamonga

Since the Inland Empire is so large, we grouped these home haunts together and even have suggestions on what to visit along the route.  Our goal is to ensure that your drive is worthwhile.

Greenewitch Cemetery
420 Plaza Serena, Ontario, CA 91764
Open Until October 31, 7-10PM

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This was once a favorite of ours.  However, over the the course of the last couple years, the display seemed to be toned down more and more overtime.  Therefore, it could be a reason why the owner chose not to list it on the SoCal Haunt List.  But that doesn’t stop us from coming here, especially on a night that we’re in the Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga area.

There are a couple of cute houses that were decorated on the same street.  It seems like a good place to trick-or-treat.

Hellman Pirate Ship House
5708 Hellman Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
Open Until October 31 630-930PM

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For the person that gets scared easily and can’t handle jump scares, then this walk-through is for you.  Technically a yard display but it is equipped with a nice-sized trail for a home haunt.  There were lots to see here, including a full-sized pirate ship prop and interactive displays along the way.  Everything is pretty much a photo-op here as well.  Just beware of the green witch on a broom…she may be more animated than you think!

We did this the same day as Hellsir, Straite To Hale, Greenewitch Cemetery and The Dreich Society.  There should be more than enough time to tackle all on the same night.

Hellsir’s Haunted Creations presents Stranger Things x Ghostbusters
10522 Lemon Ave, Rancho Cucamonga
Open October 7-31, Fri & Sat 7-11pm, Sun -Thurs 7-9pm (Ambient Lights Only)

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There are Decorated Yards, Yard Displays and there are Home Haunts by legitimate home haunters.  Hellsir ‘s Haunted Creations is the latter.  They never really disappoint, not even on a scale back year during the recent pandemic.  Now that their back from a short pause and rebrand; they showed out in full force.  This was by far the best non-interactive yard display/non walk-through home haunt this season…and quite possibly the best yard display we’ve seen (we’ll reference notes and get back to you on this).  The haunt itself was a mashup of Stranger Things and Ghostbusters.  It makes sense, if the Upside Down world were to come over to the real world, you may need more than Eleven to ward off all these demogorgons and mind flayer.  With so many aspiring “haunters” with simple yard displays with stuff from Spirit Halloween listing themselves on haunt databases and on the SoCal Haunt List; perhaps they should take a look at Hellsir first to learn the definition of a “home haunter”.   If all it takes is some money to buy a bunch of generic props and display them on your front lawns, then we can call every multi-millionaire a home haunter as well.

Be sure to allot for a good amount of time here.  Parking can be tricky and this is not your average yard display.

Straite To Hale: Freak Show
 6477 Jasper St, Rancho Cucamonga
Open October 20-22, 27-29, 31 7-10PM

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We really enjoyed last year’s walk-through where we were first timers.  We came back this year not expecting any changes since their Midsummer Scream version looked just like last Halloween’s.  However, not only was this not the same walk-through but it was much bigger than the previous year.  The maze itself was long and consists of many twists and turns.  It started off very similar to last year’s maze and then changes halfway into their circus theme.  There’s even a ring master outside to keep you in line, literally.  The number of scare actors are plenty and the talent does their job well.

A line builds fast with this one.  We suggest hitting this first if you can when you’re in the Rancho Cucamonga area.

The Dreich Society: The Twilight Zone
1130 E Highland Ct, Ontario, CA 91764
Open Oct. 27-29, 7-11pm, Oct. 31, 6:30-10:30pm

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We were familiar with The Dreich Society from Midsummer Scream.  We’ve always had an interest to visit their full-on haunt, but the scheduling just didn’t work out over the years.  One thing was for sure, they have always creeped us at out the convention; something about them have always given us the heebie-jeebies.  So were finally able to see their haunt and boy did they deliver.  The haunt, paying homage to what appeared to be the “Eye Of The Beholder” episode from the Twilight Zone, went as far as having the line monitor dress up as Rod Serling.  The walk-through felt like you were in a Twilight Zone episode, especially with just everything predominantly black, gray and white.  The talent was committed and there was even some esoteric improv because they recognized someone from our party.  We’re calling this a must-see.  If the walk-through doesn’t impress you, well then at least the “Twilight Zone” marquee will.

This was very easy to tackle with everything else in Rancho Cucamonga or Ontario.  Parking could get tight as this is located in a cul-de-sac.


2023 Inland Empire Yard Haunts: Temecula & Murrieta

These yard haunts below are relatively near each other.  These visits were not only neighboring cities but 3 of these were neighboring haunts, literally.  (Check the address).

Anton Haunt
42330 Wyandotte St, Temecula
Open October 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31 , 7-9 PM

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Anton Haunt’s walk-through had the same skeleton as the previous seasons.  With clever usage of the garage, backyard and sides of the house; it makes the walk-through look bigger than anticipated from the outside.  Anton Haunt’s theme was pretty much the same as last year’s; it was a delightful concoction of all things Halloween.  The haunt proprietor comes back once a year just to put this on for the community.

Located in Temecula where there used to be more haunts to visit; Anton Haunt definitely does help fill some of the void left from walk-throughs and attractions that went dark.  Pumpkinland Pumpkin Patch is nearby and so are the other yard haunts below this.

Pirate House On Sevilla
38152 Sevilla Ave, Murrieta, CA
Open Nightly Until October 31, 7-10PM

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This was a first time visit for us.  This yard display had a good variation of effects including pyro.  With the theme being “Pirates Of The Carribean”; you can expect to recognize things from the ride or the films.  The pyro is synced to certain songs and there were tons of eye candy here.

This is across from The Martin’s Spooky Amusement Park so it’s definitely very convenient to park and just enjoy both yard displays.

The Martin’s Spooky Amusement Park
38165 Sevilla Ave, Murrieta, CA
Open Nightly Until October 31, 7-10PM

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This one is a 2-fer, or a 3-fer depending on how you look at it.  Situated across a wide lawn is a spooky amusement park of sorts at this residence.  This yard display was so wide that it might have been stretched over 2 houses.  Right next door is a projection mapped Halloween show that featured “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” when we visited.

Across the street directly is the Pirate House on Sevilla, so basically it’s a 3-fer.

Wolf Creek Island
31974 Whitetail Ln, Temecula
Open October 1-31, 6-9PM

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Located across the street in a community across from Pechanga; this yard haunt was not on when we arrived.  Even though the schedule had them opening at 6PM; our guess was they were trying to wait until it was a bit darker.  They also do a light display for the holidays and judging from the placement of props and lights; their Halloween one was probably very similar.



2023 Inland Empire Yard Haunts: Moreno Valley

Haydenville Haunter: Dollhouse
11770 Constantine Cir., Moreno Valley
Open October 20-22, 27-29, 31 7-10PM

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Due to an unfortunate circumstance, Haydenville Haunter had to move it’s haunt that it’s been planning for a year in advance to another location.  Because of this, the walk-through was much smaller and shorter; but we honestly did not feel that way at all.  The facade, though drawn on like a mural, easily represents a dollhouse from afar.  A creepy and masterfully produced Victorian-themed soundtrack* looms over the air as you enter through the dollhouse doors.  The haunt proprietor took the original record, sliced it up and played certain parts of the song in their relative rooms to create the appropriate tension and suspense.   Each room, layered with incredible detail, contained enough toys and plushes that you can open up a nursery or day care center with.  There were no scare actors, you and your party are the only living souls inside when you walk-through; and the only jump scares were timed/sensor effects.  Perhaps the biggest wow factor was the mirror prop and room that “mirrored” that of Mesmer’s from Knott’s Scary Farm; this is something you may expect at a pro haunt but not on someone’s driveway.  Though the blueprint was smaller compared to the previous seasons; this maze had more things to distract you as you maneuver through this deserted dollhouse.  If being alone doesn’t scare you, then the eerie whispers, demented doll laughs and voices inviting you to play just might encourage you to quickly find a way out.  Or, you may find yourself unable to leave it all.  Why else do you think that there’s no other actors or living beings inside the dollhouse?  Well because…you are the doll; and it’s your house.  Surprise!

Though it’s a bit of a drive out there for most people, it is definitely something to add to your list when you go Haunt Hunting.  The owner typically stays open a bit after closing time and hangs out outside the haunt.  We’ve already been told about the theme for next year so be sure not miss Haydenville Haunter in 2024.

*The soundtrack (music and vocal effects) was composed and produced by the author of this post.  Therefore, a biased but truthful view was offered towards the music.





You can find many more Inland Empire yard haunts on the SoCalHaunts list.


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