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Hallowseve Inc. Presents: Undead Circus 2022 Review

Hallowseve Inc. constructed a very impressive building exterior last season that made a very convincing penitentiary entrance titled “Deadwater State Penitentiary.  This year, they utilized the same building exterior but hilariously crossed out certain words, kept the word “Dead” and added “Un” and “Circus” to form “UnDead Circus”.  This gave us a good laugh as we remembered exactly how it was supposed to look just 12 months ago.  Hallowseve Inc.’s work has always been a bit intense, but for the squeamish, there is now a Pumpkin Smash experience for those that opt to sit out.

Hallowseve Inc. Presents: Undead Circus 2022 Review: Maze

If you’re afraid or you hate demented killer clowns, then this my friend is not the maze for you.  These are not your typical clowns that provide a jump scare or wave at you behind a fence; these clowns will invade your personal space.  Social distancing?  Forget about it.  

The haunt is simple, yet effective.  Hallowseve Inc,’s work this season reminds us of old school haunts, opting for a more simpler approach to the walls and corridors.  It’s not that they are not capable of doing a more elaborate walk-through, which they have done in the past; but it seems as if their focus and efforts this year was put more towards the strategy.  Consisting of mainly wooden walls with plenty of graffiti warnings and creepy clown faces tagged on them, decor and props are present here and there.  However, unlike theme parks and bigger pro haunts with black plywood walls that charge an arm and a leg plus parking to get in; Undead Circus was actually scary and you really don’t see the clowns coming.  The way the labyrinth was designed allows the same scare actor to not be a one-and-done, but to be able to scare you multiple times as you proceed thinking that there’s no way you can see him/her again.  An example is: Clown A does a jump scare, you walk on and see Clown B, somehow Clown A is now in a drop down panel window after you pass Clown B, you proceed, turn the corner, a hand reaches out who belongs to Clown A, then you turn the corner and Clown A pops out of a prop and gets in your face.  We observed something similar to this happening multiple times throughout the maze, which was also retrofitted with many holes in the wall so the talent can make things extra creepy by sticking their hands through after you passed them.  Best of luck trying to avoid a favorite clown that creeps you out if you have one there.

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Hallowseve Inc. Presents: Undead Circus 2022 Review: Conclusion

Hallowseve Inc. has found a solution for the labor shortage.  Create a maze where you are able to utilize the same scare actor 3 or 4 times without compromising the structure of the maze.  We’ve seen this type of strategy before but just not utilized to this extent.  We found this method to be very clever especially if the staff realizes a guest is creeped out with a certain clown there.  We recommend adding this to your trek to nearby haunts in Temecula and Corona.

Hollywood Gothique's rating of Hallowseve Inc.'s Undead Circus 2022


1 – Avoid
2 – Not All Bad
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You can expect what kind of scare actors you’ll be seeing from the title alone.  However, unlike other cliché clown mazes, the talent and their level of commitment plus the way the scares are done here make it a definite visit if you are a fan of crazy demented killer clowns.

Hallowseve Inc. Presents: Undead Circus continues on select nights until October 30th, parking is free.  For more information, visit: https://hallowseveinc.com/


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