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Hanover Hall 2012

Hanover Hall 2012Dates: October 25-31, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Location: 1016 Beechwood Street, Camarillo, CA

Description: This amateur yard haunt offers atmosphere instead of gore, with an emphasis on whimsy and spooky fun for visitors of all ages. Hanover Hall presents a “Haunted Mansion” type display within a small structure, filled with ghosts and jack-o’lanterns (no actors to scare you, just props). The proprietor promises that this is a “yard haunt for the kid in all of us. Children will be able to adventure at their own pace with the environment free of gore and scare actors. The facade is reminiscent of a greeting card and the interior of a dark ride.”

Entrance to Hanover Hall is free, but donations are very welcome.