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Happy Halloween 2013! And Last-Minute Suggestions


Hollywood Gothique wishes all you Los Angeles trick-or-treaters and haunt-chasers a Happy Halloween! We hope your evening plans are filled with that special joy that comes only during this special, spooky season. For ourselves, we plan to take a dose of our own witch’s brew, following the paths laid out in one or two of our Halloween Itineraries. We suggest you do the same, and make sure to prioritize those Halloween Yard Haunts open only on October 31, such as the Forest of Mirrors. Remember: October may be ending, but several Halloween Haunted Houses and Hayrides will be extending their run into the first weekend of November – and beyond (e.g., Delusion: Masque of Mortality, which we will be visiting on Sunday).

If you find yourself at loose ends, consider these suggestions:

If – as is likely – you fail to reach all your desired destinations tonight, rest assured that we will return tomorrow to remind you of Those Haunts That Remain. We plan to take full advantage of the extra days tagged onto the end of this Halloween season; so should you.

May all your haunts be happy ones!