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Hasta La Vista, Halloween 2018!

Hollywood Gothique wrapped up the post-Halloween 2018 weekend with visits to the Reign of Terror Haunted House’s Lights-Out Night (reviewed here), Nights of the Jack: A Halloween Jack O’Lantern Experience (previously reviewed here), the Walking Tree yard haunt (pictured at top) in Azusa, and Richard and Christina’s Haunted House in Rowland Heights. We will be posting reviews and/or photos of the latter two later today, hopefully.

Halloween 2018 Richard and Christina's Haunted House
As Halloween 2018 fades into the fog, we say “Hasta La Vista!”

Meanwhile, we wanted to point out that, during the run-up to Halloween Night, we posted our annual “Halloween Haunt Odyssey” series as quickly as possible, in order to let readers know what was available. This meant that we occasionally missed Halloween Home Haunts that were not yet open on the days we visited. Since then, we have been updating the posts to fill in the gaps. So far, we have added Mystic Motel to the Orange County odyssey. and Fillmore Graves and Wicked Pumpkin Hollow to the Sherman Oaks odyssey. Very shortly, we should be adding Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House and perhaps Clown House to the Santa Clarita odyssey. Additionally, we are adding more photos, when available, to the articles.

This information may not be very useful now, but when Halloween 2019 rolls around, readers should be able to find fairly exhaustive posts in our archives on yards haunts in Van Nuys, Sylmar, Glendale, Burbank, etc.

In the following days we will be keeping the seasonal spirit alive by posting video that we did not have time to edit during the hectic days of Halloween. So even though October is over and Thanksgiving is approaching, we are taking a page from the life of Eugene Plummer, whose story forms the basis for Rogue Artist Ensemble’s Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta: There are no goodbyes. Instead, we say Hasta La Vista to Halloween 2018!

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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