Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt 2013

haunted hollywood scavenger hunt 2013Location: Hawthorne and Highland, Hollywood, CA 90028

Website: Click here

Description: Tired of the same old haunted house events? Here's a different way to enjoy the Halloween season: go on a scavenger hunt that takes you to allegedly haunted locations in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

The official website of Watson Adventures offers this description of the event:

"Armed with a flashlight, you’ll visit ghost-plagued buildings and haunted spots on Hollywood’s famous strip while learning stories about the restless souls you might disturb. Learn about the celebrity ghost who plays a bugle in room 928 at a Hollywood Boulevard hotel, check out a movie-themed bookshop whose owner stuck his head in an oven and see if you feel the spirit of a man with a cape and top hat at the famously haunted Hollywood Wax Museum. You’ll visit the birthplace of the movie premier, learn where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard once stayed for $5 a night and find out where a blonde bombshell’s ghost gets wet. Along the way, you’ll discover legends surrounding a jumper from the Hollywood sign, why the pool at Hollywood High is a dangerous place and whose ghost likes to pace in front of the Chinese Theater."

The Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunts starts at 5:00pm on Saturday, October 26.

Tickets are $22.00

Note: This is not the same "Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt" that we listed in previous years. That Scavenger Hunt was presented by Out of the Box Events, which seems to have gone out of business (their website is down, and emails sent to them bounce back).

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