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Haunted Queen Mary 2009: Isolation Ward – Video

Queen Mary Haunted Shipwreck 2009
Isolation Ward

Our third video from the Haunted Queen Mary’s 2009 Halloween celebration¬†is the first one that actually takes you aboard ship – into the Isolation Ward. As the name implies, this maze suggests an insane asylum, and you can bet that the inmates don’t stay in isolation for very long! As with all the mazes aboard the Queen Mary, Isolation Ward benefits from the reality of its setting: those long, dark passageways are wonderfully spooky, even when there is nothing jumping out at you. There are many Halloween attractions that try to stretch their budget by sparsely populating their space with actors; this is one of the few where that technique can seem effective rather than cheap. Besides the setting, Isolation Ward has a few nice moments when the insanity of the inmates reaches a fever pitch. And we really liked the crazy lady on the kid’s tricycle at the end!