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HauntX 2019: The Ultimate DIY Haunter’s Expo

From the creators of Coffin Creek, comes HauntX, The Ultimate DIY Haunters Expo. The event took place at the Pomona Fairgrounds which houses the annual L.A. County Fair; which now features an entire Halloween themed exhibit and haunted walk through (Zombie Escape).

HauntX 2019: What Is It?

HauntX prides itself on being the ultimate expo for the Do-It-Yourself Haunter. The indoor event features a variety of vendors that offer gadgets and tools for the amateur and professional haunt builder, Halloween themed gifts and toys, and most importantly workshops from experts in the industry.

When we attended, we were able to catch Liam Ferris of “The Ferris Haunt” and most recently “The Ferris Forest” conduct a workshop on his custom made and self-built photo booth. In the next room, it was none other than Boney Island‘s Rick Polizzi dishing out exclusive tips and tricks and what to expect for future “Boney Islands”.

HauntX is a good resource for Haunters and even Halloween Fanatics that have the slightest interest in becoming a Haunter or helping out at a home or professional haunt. Think of it as a miniature MSS or Scare L.A. that takes place off-season; and yes people do dress up and roam the fairgrounds.

Coffin Creek, a full on multi-haunt attraction is open Oct 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 31, and Nov 1, 2, and 3.

HauntX returns February 22/23, 2020.  For tickets and updates, visit: https://hauntx.com/



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