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Holiday Road 2023: Photos

Enjoy these photos of our experience from Holiday Road in Calabasas.  We’d like to mention a little something that stemmed from the Halloween season.  It seemed like this year was the “late start”/”scale back” year for everybody.  Many Professional and Home Haunts and Halloween Attractions that you know and love either had to scale back or they were late to open on opening night for whatever reason.  Well, it seems that was also the theme over at Holiday Road as the access to the trail got pushed back 30 minutes and there were still lights, wires and unfinished décor laying around here and there while paying customers were already roaming the grounds.  Therefore, we’re not sure if we missed anything in the sense of any displays that weren’t ready by opening night.  I guess we don’t know, what we don’t know.  We were able to finish the trail in under an hour.  However, if it’s your first time, you may have to allot an extra 30-60 minutes to enjoy everything.

New this season are additional lanterns resembling that of The Nutcracker.  A large lantern section that made it’s debut for their Nights Of The Jack show remained in the same area, we guess that they chose to leave them for their Holiday show because it could apply towards both seasons.  Remember to grab a jacket if you do go, it gets cold!

Holiday Road 2023 Photos

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Holiday Road is good for all ages since it offers more than just a holiday walk-through experience.  Aside from over a dozen food trucks present with all sorts of cuisines and foods, there are 2 bar areas within the experience.  Young kids and big kids can meet Santa and take photos with the endless amount of photo-ops here at the experience.  VIP tickets can be purchased which gives you anytime access on the trail along with a VIP bar.  Parking is also pre-purchased online.  Holiday Road continues on select dates until December 27.  For more information, visit: https://holidayroadusa.com/


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