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Hollywood Gothique abandons L.A. for the S.F. Dungeon!

We apologize for the lack of updates the past couple days, but Hollywood Gothique has flown its crypt in sunny Southern California for a brief sojourn in the mist-shrouded Bay area. Why? you ask. Because we will be delving into the San Francisco Dungeon – a year-round haunted house attraction that sounds so good that we couldn’t wait for one to open in Los Angeles.

Located at the Fisherman’s Wharf, the San Francisco Dungeon is the first American version of a European attraction that has locations in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. The website gives the following description:

The San Francisco Dungeon is NOT your usual visitor attraction! We’re an exciting mix of 9 live actor shows, 200 years of history, 360° sets, 1 dark boat ride and authentic storytelling. Being scared has never been more fun. Our unique take on history has made us one of Europe’s best-loved visitor attractions. But now, for the first time, we have arrived in the USA! San Francisco is the perfect venue; filled with history, intrigue and colorful characters.

Sounds like sinister, spooky fun!