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Hollywood Gothique at ScareLA This Weekend!

classichomehauntspanel copyThat’s right: yours truly will be hosting a panel at this weekend’s ScareLA convention, the first of its kind dedicated to the Halloween season. My panel is titled “Classic Home Haunts,” which runs from 3pm to 4pm on Saturday. My guests will be Rick Polizzi of the Boney Island, Diane Meyer of Rotten Apple 907, and Jeff Gustafson of the Backwoods Maze. These are three of our favorite Los Angeles yard haunts, and they are all quite distinct, offering an excellent cross-section of what can be achieved by amateurs, ranging from the family-friendly fun of Boney Island, to the imaginative settings of Rotten Apple, to the gruesome horror of Backwoods Maze.

We will be discussing the inspiration and history of these home haunts, and also providing tricks of the trade for the benefit of those eager to haunt their own homes this Halloween. So whether you are simply a fan looking for a preview of what to expect this October, or a would-be haunter yourself, there should be plenty to keep you interested. So come along – if you dare!

Location: LA Mart, 1933 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Dates: August 10-11
Tickets: Single-day tickets are $25 for ‘Scare Seekers,” $45 for “Fear Freaks” (preferred seating and access). Two-day passes are $45 fro Scare Seekers, $75 for Fear Freaks.
Website: ScareLA.com