Hollywood Gothique on MSN.com: 14 Houses to Haunt You on Halloween

MSN.com has just posted a list of "14 Houses to Haunt You on Halloween," and Hollywood Gothique is splashed all over it - kinda, sorta. Actually, author Tricia Romano quotes us about several Halloween Haunts in Los Angeles that made the list:

The new Blackout Haunted House (well, new to LA.) also makes the list, which includes a cauldron full of other Halloween events around the country: the Goretorium in Las Vegas;Woods of Terror in Greensboro, N.C.; Creepyworld in St. Louise; Disney's Haunted Mansion over in Anaheim; and several others.

House on Haunted Hill tomb and Jack-O'Lantern Pirates of Emerson interior of cabin Delusion The Blood Rite - bathroom scene Blackout Haunted House corridor Haunted Mansion at Disneyland