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Hollywood Gothique's 10th Anniversary!

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As we noted a few weeks ago, Hollywood Gothique began posting in 2004. Since today is October 1, 2014, that means we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of Fantasy Films, Mystery Movies, Sci-Fi Cinema, and Halloween Horror in Los Angeles!

As a matter of fact, our actual debut took place in July, but for the first few months, we were the proverbial tree in the forest – which fell but made no sound because no one was there to hear. In fact, we were relying on free web-hosting services, because why would anyone pay to maintain a site that no one was visiting?

That changed, however, when October rolled around. With Halloween approaching, our traffic started swelling, soon surpassing our daily bandwidth allotment and forcing us to switch to paid hosting to accommodate all the visitors who (mysteriously, to us) wanted to read what we had to say about Halloween in Los Angeles.

Since then, Hollywood Gothique has steadily grown. Initially, we were somewhat provincial in nature, restricting ourselves to haunts within our immediate orbit – old favorites that we visited every Halloween. As time has passed, we have extended our reaching, seeking out new attractions and listing as much information as possible for the benefit of anyone looking for ghoulish delights in Los Angeles.

Essentially, we morphed from a personal blog into a website. However, we tried to maintain the personal nature, and to this day, every review and opinion emanates from yours truly. Whether you agree with us 100%, this approach at least provides consistency. Hopefully, you understand our preferences and prejudices and make your judgments accordingly about whether to follow our advice – something difficult to do if a variety of different voices were throwing their opinions into the mix.

It’s an exhausting, Sisyphean task – trying (but always failing) to get to each and every Halloween attraction in Los Angeles during the month of October. As the saying goes, someone has to do it, so why not us? Theme parks, museums, theatres – all have their horrors to share, and we sample as many as possible; hopefully, our experiences have led you to sample a few you might have missed.

It’s been ten great years, and we hope for ten more. As long as you remain interested in our ravings and ramblings regarding Gothic nightmares, ectoplasmic entertainment, and sinister cinematic events lurking in the shadows of the City of Angels, we will continue to provide you with the benefit (such as it is) of our demented opinions.