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Hollywood Horror Festival

No details yet, but the Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival will be back at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood this October. The fest piggybacks onto the larger Hollywood Film Festival, which will be running from October 22 to 27.

The website still has a link for the entry form, asking for submissions, so if you are an aspiring horror filmmaker, you may want to try to submit something.

My only question is: How many horror festivals does Hollywood need every October. Besides this one, we have Shriekfest and Screamfest, the latter of which inevitably overlaps with the Hollywood Horror Fest, making it impossible for the hardcore horror fan to attend both. Really, if we must have all these festivals in one month, couldn’t they be spread out a bit more so that you don’t need a time machine to get to all the screenings you want to see?