Horror on Frankel Street plans "Dark Carnival" for 2009

As you can see, we have been adding updates for Halloween 2009's professional haunts and theme park attractions in Los Angeles. Amateur yard haunts are a little slower to rev up; one exception is Horror on Frankel Street, whose proprietor recently sent us a message about plans for his 2009 Halloween event

This year's haunt, titled: "The Dark Carnival," will run for three nights, from dusk to 10:00pm: Saturday, October 24th; Friday, October 30th; and on Halloween night, Saturday October 31st.

Here is the back story for the haunt's2009  theme:

"Rumor has it that carnival trucks and trains have been spotted all over Lakewood and surrounding cities. Witnesses say that the carnival equipment and carnies that they see are different than the shows that normally come into town. The carnival has been described as much "darker". They all seem to be headed toward the grounds of Horror on Frankel St. We will keep you posted."

Horror on Frankel Street is also catching up with the Internet age. Previously, their only online presence was their MySpace page. This year they will have a website: www.HorrorOnFrankelSt.comis currently under construction but should be up by July 20th.

There is also a new "Haunt Line" at 1-888-308-9096 - which provides guests with prerecorded information about the Halloween event.

Check out Hollywood Gothique's video walk-through of Horror on Frankel Street's 2008 presentation, "Scarecrow Village."