Horror on Frankel Street 2008: Scarecrow Village

Location: 2719 Frankel Street, Lakewood, CA
Website: www.myspace.com/horroronfrankelst
Date: October 24, 25, 31, from dusck till 10:00pm.

This amateur yard haunt will celebrate its tenth year with a brand new themed maze, "Scarecrow Village," which promises to take visitors back to the time of a dustbowl, to a town shut off from the rest of the world - until now.

I've never been to this one, but it sounds like fun. It's not too far from the 710 freeway, so it might be a nice place to stop off on your way to Queen Mary Shipwreck.

UPDATE: Visit our Horror on Frankel Street page here, or check out our review and video here.