Hour of the Wolf at LACMA

Location: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 857-6000
Link out: Click here
Description: Ingmar Berman's art house horror screens film prior to THE SHINING, as part of the "Kubrick and Company" series, which takes place during the final weeks of the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at LACMA.

1968/b&w/90 min./35mm | Scr/dir: Ingmar Bergman; w/ Liv Ullmann, Max von Sydow, Erland Josephson
An artist retreats with his wife to a forbidding and secluded location so that he can hone his craft. Instead, he is preyed upon by visions and waking nightmares. Are his suppressed memories beginning to surface? Or has the remote island where he’s sequestered cast a spell on him? Ingmar Bergman’s darkly surreal Hour of the Wolf is a fascinating precursor to Kubrick’s The Shining. Max Von Sydow plays the tortured painter, Johan Borg, with full-bodied angst. Co-star Liv Ullmann is his wife, blindsided by her husband’s weird and progressively murderous behavior. The writer/director’s most extreme depiction of the struggles an artist endures when giving birth to his art, Hour of the Wolf’ masterfully blends tenebrous atmospherics and clammy terror. Made between Persona and Shame, this film finds Bergman at ease with experimentation as he delves deeply into the haunting symbolism of the unconscious.

Bing Theater | $9 general admission; $6 LACMA members/seniors/students; $4 LACMA Film Club and Academy members. | Tickets: 323 857-6010 or purchase online.
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2013-06-21

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