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House of Restless Spirits 2012

Dates & Hours: October 27 & 31, 7-11pm

Location: 1008 Euclid Street, Santa Monica, CA

Link out: Click here

Description: Santa Monica’s premiere yard haunt – one of the best Halloween events in Los Angeles, amateur or professional – returns for another season of subtle, spooky shivers. For Halloween 2012, the House of Restless Spirits will materialize on two nights: Saturday, October 27 and Wednesday, October 31, from 7pm to 11pm both evenings.

The back story of the House of Restless Spirits involves a ship’s captain, who buried his family in the backyard cemetery during an influenza epidemic decades ago, then took his ship out to sea one last time – never to return. This history is slyly suggested in the accompanying newspaper – not only in the top story but also in the apparently irrelevant sidebar quoting “a representative for the California State Parks” by the name of Gary Corb about a shipwreck fragment found on a nearby beach.

Guests are admitted in small groups at discrete intervals, to give everyone a chance to savor the ethereal effects in turn. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please note: Wait times can exceed an hour. The 11pm stop-time is the time when the House of Restless Spirits shuts down, so you need to be in line well before then.

Admission is free.