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Huntington Haunt Experience 2015

This new Halloween attraction sounds like a combination of Delusion: A Haunted Play and Fright Nights at the Winchester Mystery House: it is one part guided tour of a historical landmark, one part haunted house experience, and one part living theatre, with guests cast as members of a wedding party that took place at the Newland House and Barn in Huntington Beach.

The Huntington Haunt Experience will run from October 28 through 31, starting at 7pm. There will be family-friendly “Happy Hours” from 3pm to 6pm each day, with trick-or-treating, face-painting, and costume contests.

‘Haunting Hours’ tickets (13+ and adults only) are $25.00. Family Friendly ‘Happy Hours’ tickets are $12.50 for adults and children. Both include entrance to the Carnival to enjoy the entertainment. All activities, food and beverages are an additional charge.

Proceeds will benefit the Rotary Club of Huntington Beach’s effort to install a universally accessible playground on the beach.

The Newland House Museum is located at 19820 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, 92648. The phone number is (714) 960-0055. The official website for the Huntington Haunt Experience is here.

Read the description from the official website:

Be our guest, and even a part of the story, at the joining of two of Huntington Beach’s most notoriously feuding families, the Hauntington’s and the Oldland’s, who request your presence at the doomed wedding of their bride and groom, where twists, turns and of course…bone chilling terror await you!

The Huntington Haunt Experience is no ordinary haunted house, but an interactive experience where you literally become a part of the story, which can be best described as part haunted house, part theatre, and part interactive ‘moving’ play where the audience becomes involved in the twisted tale! And where else in Hauntington Beach would this chilling wedding take place than at the historic Newland House and Barn, spread among two ‘scare’ acres of haunted thrills and chills. Prior to the experience and awaiting your turn or umm…fate to be called, you can try to relax your bones at our Haunted Carnival with artisans displaying their wares, a victorian physic, henna painting and a Costume Contest all while enjoying live entertainment, food, wine and craft beers.

Once your group is called, you will begin the Experience with a spooky candlelight tour of the Newland House itself. Step out of the house, and the spine tingling haunt of fright is in motion! The Experience will last approximately 35 minutes, with new groups being lead in every 10 minutes. Wedding guests are recommended to be 13 years and over. Costumes encouraged, but masks of any kind will not be allowed.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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