In The Attic - L.A. Premiere

Location: The Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: December 4 at 2pm
Link out: Click here
Description: Imagine a dusty, surrealist version of Toy Story where the film’s affable cast has the aged and worn quality of a teddy bear, the delicate allure of a weathered, but still beautiful doll. Czech visionary Jiří Barta realizes this dolorous dreamland with In the Attic, a stop-motion film executed with old-school skill of a Jan Svankmajer or George Pal. Where Pixar's plastic protagonists revolved around their allegiance to their owner, Barta’s weathered, wooden heroes live an independent life, having formed their own commonwealth, just as they would in a young girl’s fantasy world. Add to this wit and whimsy the allegorical overtones handed-down from the remnants of old communist leaders, and you have a wonderful film, sure to delight adults and the smallest of children in equal measure. The triumph of this film (Barta’s first stop-motion feature in 25 years) is not only in its technical and creative complexity, but also in its completion after a career fraught with funding struggles and halted masterpieces. Without a doubt, In the Attic demonstrates more bittersweet charm in one hand-crafted, paint-chipped paw than an entire army of CGI pandas.