Inferno at New Beverly

It's a beautiful archive print of Dario Argento's magnificent exercise in non-narrative cinema - the intriguing middle chapter in the "Three Mothers" trilogy, which began with SUSPIRIA. Although the sequel lacks the pulse-pounding impact of its predecessor, it runs on a more even keel, smoothly transitioning from one great sequence to the next. It's one of the most baffling and cryptic horror movies ever made, with explanations and logic deliberately in short supply - a way of suggesting dark forces at work beyond human comprehension. INFERNO also forshadows the work of Takashi Shimizu (JU-ON, THE GRUDGE) in that it is structured as a series of set pieces built around people living in a building that brings harm to its inhabitants.

Location: New Beverly Cinema - 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles
Link out: Click here
Date: October 17 at midnight