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Is there something wrong with American moviegoers?

  • Event Date & Time: Grindhouse soundtrack signing
  • Location: Virgin Records – 8800 Sunset Blvd
  • In Person: Quentin Tarantino

It seems the fan boy film geeks just can’t get their tiny little minds around the fact that the heavily hyped GRINDHOUSE was not the Holy Grail of high-octane cinema but a formulaic piece of junk that only the brain-washed could love.

The latest float in this silly parade is this post at Cinematical by Ryan Stewart, who laments the low box office numbers for GRINDHOUSE and approvingly quotes Jo Carnahan, who asks, “What is wrong with American moviegoers? Is there nothing new that they’re willing to embrace? Jesus it’s the worst kind of erosion. We’re making dumber and dumber films and they’re becoming cash cows.”

Ryan completely misses the unintended irony in Carnahan’s remarks: GRINDHOUSE is one of those “dumber and dumber films,” and there’s nothing new about it – it’s regurgitated swill, warmed up and served steaming hot to an audience eager to lap up every goo-ey morsel and wonder why everyone else would prefer caviar – or even just a halfway decent hamburger. Instead of lamenting this box office failure, we should be celebrating the tastes of the American public (at least in this one small instance).

Speaking of GRINDHOUSE, you worshippers can meet your idol tomorrow at the Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino will be signing copies of the soundtrack CD at 7:00pm. For more information, call 323-650-8666.