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Jack the Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room

Jack the Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room is currently operating in the South Bay Galleria. The thirty-minute free-roaming VR experience, in which groups of two to four explore a wax museum for clues to the Ripper’s identify, is essentially a rebranding of Wax House: The Legend of Jack the Ripper, which we reviewed when it debuted at the Mountasia Family Fun Center in Santa Clarita last Halloween.

The Santa Clarita version was billed as a “haunted house,” which was a bit misleading, since the emphasis was on mystery and atmosphere, with only a surprise or two providing mild scares. Though not exactly an escape room, the title “Jack the Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room” is more accurate, since the attraction involves the sort of puzzle solving and group cooperation used in escape games. The VR experience is not as spectacular as similar attractions by The Void, but we found the game play far more engaging – leaving guests free to explore the virtual space, open drawers, poke around in corners, and sift through “objects” in search of evidence.

The Jack the Ripper Virtual Reality Escape Room runs daily with start times from 11am to 8:20pm. The attraction is not limited to the Halloween season, with dates scheduled through the beginning of next year. Tickets are $25 per person. The South Bay Galleria Mall is located at 1815 Hawthorne Boulevard in Redondo Beach. The VR Arena is on the second floor. Get more information at thewaxhousevr.com.

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