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Joining the Church of the Broken God

Yes, that is your humble narrator at the right, seeking enlightenment from Father Otto (Even Wank), leader of the Church of the Broken God in Last Call Theatre’s Reforged, currently running at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. We will be back with a review ASAP, but in the meantime we thought it would be interesting to let you know that the sorting process for the immersive theatre assigns you to one of three factions (rather like an SCP Universe version of Hogwarts).

Somehow, our answers to the questionnaire got us assigned to the Maxwellists, a thinly veiled riff on Ayn Rand Objectivist cult.* Hm…

Curiously, this is not the only Fringe Fest production about joining a cult. There is also Lawrence Meyers excellent Did I Just Join a Cult, about his attending The Tension Experience, a 2016 immersive play simulating a cult indoctrination.

*P.S.- Before you object that the Objectivists were not a cult, we recommend reading Michael Shermer’s chapter on Rand in Why People Believe Weird Things.


Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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