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Kaidan Project returns live – one day only!

Great news! Kaidan Project – one of the best immersive theatrical productions we have ever attended – is returning to Los Angeles for Halloween 2021 – but only briefly. Titled Kaidan Project: Alone, the new project is an immersive AR (Artificial Reality) app that bills itself as the next chapter in the Kaidan saga. It consists of three episodes, featuring design and puppetry elements from the 2017 production of Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin, created by Rogue Artists Ensemble. In the interactive framework, audience decisions will determine their course through the “looping stories” where they will encounter spirits culled from Japanese mythology.

Presented by by the East West Players, Kaidan Project: Alone will be launched with a one-day live event titled This Alley is Haunted, which will take place in Little Tokyo from noon to 5pm on Saturday, October 16. The exact location is given when you register for free tickets at kaidanproject.com.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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