Knotts Scary Farm 2013

Knotts 2013 gunslinger grave photo
The Gunslinger's Grave

Location: KNOTT’S BERRY FARM 8039 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, CA 90620

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Description: The Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt opens for another season of horror, featuring ten mazes, nine roller-coaster rides, and two haunted "experiences," including the return of the interactive Trapped walk-through.

As always, Halloween 2013 will featuring a mix of old and new attractions. This year's mazes are:

  • NEW FOR 2013: BLACK MAGIC. Houdini's ghost materializes during a seance, unleashing the spirits of the dead. Includes special scenes you can unlock only with a Skeleton Key Fright Pass.
  • NEW FOR 2013: FOREVERMORE. A demented killer dispatches his victims with torture devices imagined in the works of Edgar Allen Poe.
  • NEW FOR 2013: THE GUNSLINGER'S GRAVE. Knotts Scary Farm returns to its Western ghost town roots with this tale of a gunslinger, left for dead and out for revenge. Includes special scenes you can unlock only with a Skeleton Key Fright Pass.
  • Mirror, Mirror
    Mirror, Mirror

    NEW FOR 2013: MIRROR, MIRROR. It's like a horrific version of Alice through the Looking Glass, as a mirror opens a doorway to the dead.

  • NEW FOR 2013: DOMINION OF THE DAMNED. A more refined and subtle scare is offered, courtesy of the aristocracy of the undead. This sounds like a variation on last years Dominion of the Dead, with added special scenes you can unlock only with a Skeleton Key Fright Pass.
  • DELIRIUM. The deleriously twisted melange of surreal terrors returns.
  • ENDGAMES. Post-apocalyptic horror in a brutal world of the future. Enhanced with added scenes you can unlock only with a Skeleton Key Fright Pass.
  • PINOCCHIO UNSTRUNG. Dolls are scary - especially this lying little creep.
  • TRICK OR TREAT. A traditional-style of Halloween scare, set in a witch's house offering treats to unwary visitors.
  • UNCLE WILLY'S SLAUGHTERHOUSE. The venerable Slaughterhouse - one of the best variations on the "cannibal crazies" theme - returns, with added scenes you can unlock only with a Skeleton Key Fright Pass.

Trapped: The New Experiment
Trapped: The New Experiment

For Halloween 2013, Knotts Scary Farm is labeling two of their attractions "experiences," to distinguish them from other mazes:

  • THE WITCH'S KEEP. This is a new theme for the Calico Mine Ride (which was not running last Halloween). The back story features a Green Witch who discovered a mysterious power in the depths of the mines. The old-fashioned ambiance of the train ride is suitable for a witch, and the character ties in with the Trick or Treat maze and the Hanging Show.
  • TRAPPED: THE NEW EXPERIMENT.  For an extra $60, you and your friends (up to six total) can enter this interactive maze, which requires you to solve puzzle, unlock obstructions, and find hidden doors in order to proceed. This year promises "a longer running time, more challenging puzzles, more mind-bending contraptions, and more in-you-face scares."
The Mistress of the Dark returns in
The Mistress of the Dark returns in Elvira's Sinema Seance.

Knotts Scary Farm offers half a dozen shows, including the outdoor hanging at the gallows near the old Ghost Town:

  • BLOOD DRUMS. High-energy percussion performances.
  • CARNY TRASH. Comedy sideshow and magic.
  • CURSED. Hypnotic gypsy dancers.
  • ELVIRA'S SINEMA SEANCE. Stand up comedy in the Ghoul Time theatre with the lovable Mistress of the Dark.
  • POSSESSED. The Mystery Lodge offers evil spirits, erotic vampires, and ghastly special effects.
  • THE HANGING: A GOTHIC TALE. A new variation on the annual show: Having run out of superheroes, Hollywood execs turn to fairy tales as source material for their next blockbuster.
Werewolves stalk the gypsy camp.
Werewolves stalk the gypsy camp.

Even before you wait in line for the mazes, shows, and experiences, you can enjoy a thrill of fear as you walk through these scare zones (which are being designated as "AtmosFear" this year):

  • GHOST TOWN. The old west - there is where the annual Halloween Haunt began, decades ago.

  • CARNEVIL. There's just nothing we can do to make those Killer Klowns go away, is there?

  • NECROPOLIS. A combo of steampunk and gothic, a land where vampires and metal machines terrorize the living.

  • GYPSY CAMP. Werewolves stalk the streets near the Ghost Town.
  • NEW FOR 2013: FIESTA DE LOS MUERTOS. A new variation on the Dia De Los Muertos theme that Knotts Scary Farm has exploited so well in the past.

If you're in the mood for traditional theme park roller-coaster rides, you can check out Boomerang, Coast Rider, Ghost Rider, Jaguar, Montezooma's Revenge, Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder, Silver Bullet, and Xcelerator.

Knotts Scary Farm runs on September 26-29, October 3-6, 10-13, 17-20, 24-27, 30-31, and November 1-2.

Hours are 7pm to 1am on Thursdays and Sundays; 7pm to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

fright pass skeleton keyTickets are $62 at the gate. Advance sales range from $38 to $54, with an additional discount for season pass holders (up to $30 off the day-of price). For an additional $65, you can get a Frightlane Pass with a Skeleton Key: the Frightlane allows you to bypass the lines to the mazes; the Skeleton key unlocks additional rooms in certain mazes. As if that were not enough there is also a Fast Lane pass for the regular rides (Sidewinder, Silver Bullet, etc). The Trapped maze requires an additional ticket, which can be purchased for$60.

There is also a Pre-Scare Boo-fet & Early Admission option. For as little as $24.99, you can eat dinner before the show and enter the park early.

Parking is $15 for cars; $20 for buses and RVs.

The POSSESSED show offers evil spirits and special effects The Green Witch haunts the Calico Mine Ride at Knotts Scary Farm 2013