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James Kyson Lee and Adrienne Barbeau at Comic Con

The next Los Angeles Comic book and Science Fiction Convention will be on Sunday, September 14 at the Shrine Hall – 700 W. 32nd Street in Los Angeles, 90007. Admission is $8. Guests include: James Kyson Lee, Adrienne Barbeau, and Rodger Bumpass.

Here is the press release:

JAMES KYSON LEE (“Ando Masahashi” on NBC-TV’S HEROES) appears with Writer/Director JOE DOUGHERITY at the LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION on SEPTEMBER 14, 2008 to sign all DVD copies purchased of their new film AKIRA’S HIP HOP SHOP at 12:00 P.M. JAMES stars as Akira, the owner of a record shop who falls in love with Daphne, a young black culinary student and the problems it causes with his family when they pressure him to return to Japan in this comedy/drama.

The Stars of WAR WOLVES, a new SCI FI CHANNEL Movie, appear to sign autographs and preview scenes at 1:00 P.M. WAR WOLVES stars JOHN SAXON (A Nightmare on Elm Street), MICHAEL WORTH, TIM THOMERSON (Trancers), ADRIENNE BARBEAU, ART LAFLEUR, SIRI BARUC, NATASHA ALAM, and KRISTI CLAINOS. WAR WOLVES is the story of a group of soldiers returing from the middle east who are infected by a werewolf. All Stars sign one WAR WOLVES item at no charge. Stars listed are tentative, check the Convention website during the week of the show to confirm.

Adrienne Barbeau in THE FOG
Adrienne Barbeau in THE FOG

ADRIENNE BARBEAU is known for her roles in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, CREEPSHOW, THE FOG, SWAMP THING, and is currently starring in WAR WOLVES. ADRIENNE was the voice of CATWOMAN/SELINA KYLE in BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES, and the web series GOTHAM GIRLS. ADRIENNE has co-written a new novel called VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD, and she will sign at no charge all copies of the book purchased at the Convention from 12:00 P.M.-2:00 P.M.

RODGER BUMPASS is the voice of SQUIDWARD TENTACLES in the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Cartoon series, as well as the voice of DR. LIGHT in TEEN TITANS and PROFESSOR MEMBRANE in INVADER ZIM. RODGER makes his first West Coast Convention appearance to sign autographs from 11:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

The LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION takes place at the Shrine Auditorium Expo Center, located at 700 West 32nd Street, right across the street from USC campus. Admission is only $8.00, five years and under are free. Premium Admission is $20.00 and includes FULL SIZE MOVIE POSTERS from the new JAMES BOND 007 MOVIE QUANTUM OF SOLACE and ROCKNROLLA (new Gerard Butler Movie). Everyone receives a QUANTUM OF SOLACE MOVIE MINI-POSTER. A large Dealers Room full of Comic Books, Anime Merchandise, Toys, and other Collectibles is also featured.

The LOS ANGELES COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION celebrates 31 years of operation during 2008, with over 350 shows having been held.

Check www.comicbookscifi.com for more information.