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Zombie Escape: L.A. County Fair Haunted Maze Review

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Definitely worth the $5 up-charge if you are at The Los Angeles County Fair. The location is the  Pomona Fairplex at 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, 91768. The County Fair’s website is: lacountyfair.com. The Fairplex website is: fairplex.com.

A new additional to the Halloween Exhibit at the L.A. County Fair is the Zombie Escape haunt. The exhibit, in it’s second year, has expanded into Building 10 at the Pomona Fairplex, adding a walk-through maze attraction to the photo-ops and merchants from 2018.

For those that require an early fix before the busy Halloween 2019 season begins, the L.A County Fair now provides a great opportunity, since it generally starts around August 30. The exhibit itself features a variety of Halloween related vendors and photo-ops with monsters from the classic movies.

Zombie Escape Review: The Maze

LA Count Fair Zombie Escape ReviewNow of course you clicked to hear all about the haunt, so here it is. As we entered the Haunt, a zombie – perhaps with some human still left in him – pointed which direction to move. We followed his suggestion down the path leading us to a Quarantine Center. However, all we could see were blood and guts, mangled corpses, severed limbs and bodies, and freshly-turned zombies. The staff seemingly were not immune either; joining with the Quarantined, they collectively swarmed toward us.

We escaped into a room filled with radiation and bins marked “Toxic” just ahead of a Zombie Furnace. We weren’t sure if it was safer here or back the other way with the zombies. We’re talking about half disintegrated zombies on the left and the right, protruding from the toxic bins and eroding away at the same time. The only safe zone was the furnace. So we walked through – carefully avoiding zombies melted into the walls – and found our way through the Quarantine Center.

The L.A. County Fair runs through Sunday September 22, 2019. For just an additional $5 with minimal to no-wait time, Zombie Escape definitely gave us a lot of bang for the buck, especially with real live scare actors.

Zombie Escape Review: Photographs


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