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Laserblast: Lord of the Rings box set

Of course, you’ve already bought all the LORD OF THE RINGS DVDs separately; maybe you even have both the theatrical versions and the extended cuts. Well, now you can own all of them in one big box set!

If you’re not so anal-retentive that the very thought of having all the discs together in one neat box is enough to make you buy them all over again, there is an additional come-on in the form of three behind-the-scenes documentaries (one for each film).

Of course, you may be asking, “Why not just release the documentaries separately, so I don’t have to buy the films again?” Well, the distributor has anticipated your question. The answer: contractual obligations prevent a stand-alone DVD release of the behind-the-scenes material. (Personally, I find it easier to believe in hobbits than in that explanation.)

Anyway, collectors better hurry and buy this box set. I’m sure in a year from now it will be obsolete, replaced by a new version on Blu-ray and/or HD-DVD.

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