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Mainstreaming Necrophilia, Part 2

Two months ago to the day, I joked in this post that Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE would endorse necrophilia under the guise of “family entertainment,” and I suggested some right-wing pundits might raise a hue and cry over this.

Imagine then my excitement to find an article called “The Corpse Bride: Hollywood’s New Obsession with Necrophilia” on a website called Landover Baptist Church.Org. Some choice quotes from the piece:

“THE CORPSE BRIDE makes no bones about its premise. Hollywood has abandoned all shame. There is no coy packaging of this feature; it is what it is: a children’s movie that promotes sexual relations with the dead.

And then imagine my crushing disapointment when I realized the whole thing is a joke. As if the jokey ads on the site were not a big enough clue (“Religion Kills” t-shirts and “What would Jesus do?” thongs), the article itself reveals its satirical intent with its over-the-top tone of hysteria:

“Tim Burton [should] be in a mental instituion by now, or even better — jailed up for good! Instead… his CORPSE BRIDE movie of his is teaching youngsters that it is a-ok to dig up a corpse, and start humping away on the bones. No doubt that’s where they came up with the filthy ghetto slang, boning!”

Read the whole thing; it’s good for a laugh.

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