Mars Needs Moms

mars_needs_momsLocation: El Capitan Theater, 6838 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Dates: March 11 through April 21
Link out: Click here
Description: Walt Disney Pictures opens this computer-animated 3D science fiction comedy nationwide, including a six-week  stint at their lovely theatre in Hollywood. We seriously doubt the film will have much in common with its almost namesake, MARS NEEDS WOMEN, but we also wonder whether the big-budget goofiness will be half as entertaining as the inepititude of 1960s low-budget campfest. Simon Wells directed from a screenplay co-written with Wendy Wells, based on the book by Berkeley Breathed. Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Breckin Meyer, Elisabeth Namois, Dan Fogler, and Billy Dee Williams provided the voices.

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