Masters of the Universe at Fairfax Cinemas

 The goofy live-action film version of the animated kidde show screens as part of the Insomniac Cinema series. Dolph Lundgren plays He-Man; Frank Langella and Meg Foster liven things up as the villains Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. Billy Barty, Courteney Cox, and Robert Duncan McNeill round out the cast. For some reason, the film doesn't stick to the cartoon's mythical location but instead sets much of the action in modern times. This is from the era when Golan-Globus Productions and the Cannon Group were churning out would-be blockbusters that consistently tanked. Check out the trailer - even the narrator can't work up much enthusiasm for what he is describing.

From the theatre's website:

The world of Eternia in the aftermath of Skeletor's war on Castle Grayskull, which he has won after seizing Grayskull and the surrounding city using a cosmic key developed by the Thenorian locksmith Gwildor. The Sorceress is now Skeletor's prisoner and he begins to drain her life-force as he waits for the moon of Eternia to align with the Great Eye of the Universe that will bestow god-like power upon him.

Location: Fairfax Cinema Los Angeles - 7907 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 655-4010
Link out: Click here
Date: Friday, July 10 at midnight

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