Méliès Matinee

The Silent Movie Theatre in the Fairfax distrct of Los Angeles will be hosting a "Melies Matinee," devoted to the French filmmaker who pioneered special effects in the early days fo silent cinema, creating such short films as "A Trip to the Moon."

Film Radar will be having a "field trip" to the event, converging at the theatre and then getting together for food at a local eatery afterwards. From their e-mail

  • In celebration of the first major home-video retrospective of Georges Méliès films anywhere in the world, The Cinefamily presents an afternoon of films by and about the cinema pioneer, hosted by film historian David Shepard. A genuine virtuoso, Méliès produced and directed his films while also devising the narratives, designing the sets, costumes and props, and frequently performing the leading parts. Come marvel at the masterworks of a man whose vision and tenacity made possible the acceptance of film as a creative artform, and see why, without a doubt, Méliès cinematic innovations made the medium what it is. After the film we will vote on a location for food and discussion.

The event takes place on Sunday March 9 at 4:00pm. Tickets for are $8 for members, $12 for non-members.