METROPOLIS: Giorgio Moroder Version

giorgio-morodmetropolis-1984-w-80-s-music-artists-082b1Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
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Description: The legendary rockin' alternate version of Fritz Lang’s silent sci-fi classic, on the big screen for the first time in almost thirty years! In 1981, electronic music pioneer/three-time Oscar-winning composer Giorgio Moroder began a years-long endeavor to restore Metropolis, the very first attempt since the film’s original 1920s release. During the process, Moroder gave the film a controversial new score, which included pop songs from some of the biggest stars of the early MTV era (Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler, Adam Ant, Jon Anderson and more!) Missing footage was also re-edited back into the film, intertitles were removed and replaced with subtitles, and sound effects/color tinting were added, creating an all new experience, and an all-new film. But for more than a quarter century, Moroder’s Metropolis has remained out of circulation, until now. Utilizing one of the few remaining prints available, Kino Lorber has created a brand-new HD transfer in the best possible quality — just as it was seen in its August 1984 release!
Dir. Fritz Lang, 1927/1984, HD presentation, 82 min.


  • OCT 7th: 7:45pm
  • OCT 8th: 3:00pm, 5:15pm, 7:30pm, 9:45pm
  • OCT 9th: 3:00pm, 5:15pm, 10:40pm
  • OCT 10th: 5:15pm (special weekday matinee!)
  • OCT 11th: 7:30pm, 9:45pm